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What Others Have Said About the Course

Relationship Tantra has taught me so much about myself and the patterns I create when relating with a beloved. It's such a relief to finally understand why I've kept repeating the same dysfunctional patterns, and to have the tools to create a new way of relating with myself and my partner.


I love that Chantelle’s teachings are equal parts science based and embodiment techniques, which satiates my inner geek and keeps me in my feeling body. The week about pain and spirituality was by far the most powerful work I've ever done. The inner catharsis was deep and it's shifted so much in my outer experience in relationships!


Relationship Tantra Participant

This course has been such a huge growth experience, and has done me and my relationship a wealth of good! Chantelle is a powerful and engaging teacher and doesn’t hold back from sharing all her knowledge and wisdom of how to move into deep, Tantric connection with yourself and another.


I've been challenged, I've been confronted and I've been awed by the changes that have resulted in my life. I'm really grateful for this online learning experience and the tangible growth I've experienced. Tantric relationships are definitely where its at!





Relationship Tantra Participant

Chantelle has taken a lifetime's worth of spiritual work and condensed it into this powerful online course. The teachings and practices helped me to make massive shifts in my life where I finally feel free to live as my authentic self - no more fear, no more hiding behind masks. I am truly grateful for the lasting change it has created in my being.


Relationship Tantra Participant

There are no words to describe how this wonderful woman has changed my life. Chantelle's knowledge is so expansive, her passion infectious and her foundations solid. She has done the work and lives her teachings, which you can feel in every word spoken and written in her online courses.

This is a no-BS online course, where those willing to do the work get the result, as Chantelle skilfully shares her life's work to live as a power being! The content and deliverance is awe-inspiring, raw and passionate, and much needed on this planet.


Relationship Tantra Participant